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Relationships can be stressful. When there is an argument, do you wonder how much it is about you and how much it is about the other person? Are your childhood patterns contributing to your current relationship problems? Are you struggling to understand why you can’t find the right person to be with in a long-term relationship?

I have helped many different types of relationships including couples, nuclear family, in-laws, extended family, friends and colleagues. As a skilled therapist I listen, discuss and illuminate patterns. Together, we will find ways to shift your approach and improve your relationships.

Often clients will come to see me for a specific reason and then return for additional help when the holidays become stressful or they need my perspective and advice on how to handle a family or personal situation. I might meet a couple for couples therapy and then become the therapist for the entire adult family. Many people find comfort in being able to come to a therapist who already knows their  family history and capabilities so that the new issue can be dealt with in one or two sessions.

“You began to be irreplaceable for me long before I had ever heard of you.” ~ Roger Sale, Fairy Tales and After 


Together we will identify the problems, their causes, and their solutions.
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