AffairsA relationship can survive and even be better after one person has stepped out of the relationship. However, infidelity can be tough to manage without a therapist’s help. I will create time and structure to talk through the details of the infidelity and resolve residual feelings you have. We will find out what is needed to overcome triggers of jealousy and worry. In order to deepen the process and speed it along, I supplement our sessions with specialized reading and CDs. They help create a fuller understanding of the elements that created the possibility for the infidelity to occur in the first place. Once resolutions are reached and trust is reestablished, we begin to create a marriage that is infidelity -proof. Couples say that they know and like themselves and each other better than they did before therapy.

“Up through the dark ground, the green seed rises nothing can stop its ascent to the sun” ~ Katya Sabaroff Taylor

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