Kamara McAndrews, LMFT, CST-S is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor, private practice sex, intimacy and couples therapist, American Board of Sexology certified sexologist since 2005, and a national sex therapy workshop leader.  She loves supervising  CSTs and SITs nationally on video and phone. She is eclectic in her approach to sex therapy and is inclusive of all the intersectional identities and dynamics that sex therapists encounter. Her integrative approach includes all of the traditional techniques of therapy and sex therapy as well as spiritual and existential dilemmas patients bring. She holds space and respects the need for therapists to discuss and work through all types of countertransference, as it naturally appears. She knows how the process of becoming a sex therapist is as much a personal journey that can turn a therapist's life inside out, upsidedown, and circle back around to the essence of how a sex therapist holds their own journey while accompanying their clients on their journey. She will help you through the application process and encourage you to shine as bright as you are. She has been teaching and running 4-D Wheel workshops with Dr. Gina Ogden since 2011. She helped Dr. Ogden develop a 4-D model that can be applied to therapists in private practice and she assisted her in teaching the 4-D approach to other private practice therapists. If you are interested in integrating 4-D Wheel work as a tool to integrate into your current and new therapy modalities, Kamara will help you to find your own magic, Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit.

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