Trauma and Grief

trauma-and-griefGrief is something we all must face. Grief can be experienced for the death of a loved one, loss of a relationship that has fallen short or collapsed, or loss of physical abilities due to illness or aging. Sometimes we must learn to grieve parents that were unable to give us all the things we needed. Many people suffer abuse and trauma in their childhood and must grieve that child part of themselves that they will never get back.

With grief, many complicated emotions and issues arise. For many, grief can feel very isolating and deeply sad. Yet I believe that we all must learn to grieve.
Whereas one’s own grief may fit the outline of the classic stages: denial, anger, depression and acceptance, the experience of grief is rarely linear.

When someone comes to see me with grief issues, I ask many questions and make no assumptions about how someone might be feeling about the loss of someone, a lifestyle dream, or a part of themselves that they no longer have. I will listen and allow the time and the safe space needed to talk through all the different aspects of the grief. Because each person is different in what they need to grieve and how they need to grieve, I create a unique solution for each individual that is always guided by unique needs and appropriate therapy.

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