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Explore the 4-D Wheel in safety and confidentiality

I focus on releasing dense, unhelpful energy, realigning our bodies, opening our hearts, clarifying old messages, moving beyond ego, and anchoring inspiration and learning.

Expanding Sex Therapy retreats and workshops are open to both professionals and non-professionals.

You can hire Kamara for:

  • Women's groups
  • Couples retreats
  • Sexual abuse and trauma workshops
  • Sexuality and spirituality workshops
  • Trainings for therapists
  • Presentations

More Testimonials

"I came to this workshop because my husband and I lost the sexual pull to each other, even though we’ve only been together 3.5 years. During the workshop, I had groundbreaking realizations! While other women were sharing, I had memories and visuals from my childhood, and adulthood, which I wasn’t even aware of. I’m truly grateful to Kamara and her assistants, Jacqui and Catherine, for creating an incredibly safe container and huge support. We did so many practices, exercises, talks, laughs, cries… I literally feel how I’m changing on a physical level, and on a mental, spiritual, and emotional level as well! So many things to integrate! Unimaginable! Thank you ❤"

~Participant Esalen, 2019

"Women’s Sexual Stories has given me the space, the language, and understanding of myself and of being a woman that I have never experienced before. I now have the tools, knowledge, and self-love that I’ve been searching for over the past two decades. I started this workshop as a broken and insecure woman. I am emerging knowing I’m a passionate goddess! It’s life changing."


~Bri Esalen, 2019

"This workshop was transformational. Through the amazing facilitator, the wheel, and the beautiful circle of women, I was able to connect back to being present in my body, mind, heart and spirit. Thank you for helping bring me back to sensations. I feel whole for the first time in my life."

~Mo Love Esalen, 2019

"Incredible workshop that created a very safe container filled with love and compassion. I would suggest this to any women, any age. This workshop gives priceless knowledge of what is not taught in our modern life."

~Anna Esalen, 2019

"This workshop was truly transformational. It was healing and joyful. Kamara and her assistants were compassionate and completely available inside and outside workshop hours. I wholeheartedly recommend this work to all women. ALL!"

~Erica Esalen, 2019

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