International 4-D Wheel Training

This is an experiential training for professional practitioners who want to expand their clinical skills to include the 4-D Wheel.

In each workshop, we will utilize the 4-D Wheel to review cases and facilitate trainings around trauma, sexuality, couples, groups, anxiety, depression, spirituality and so much more.

You will develop your own 4-D Wheels, then have the opportunity to apply your knowledge with your clients and patients between each workshop.

Over the course of 7 sessions, we will work together to address challenges and deepen your template for higher awareness, growth, and healing.

You will receive a certificate of training completion.

Cost is $150.00 per 2-hr session, plus a minimum of Condor membership to the 4-D Network.

Condor membership includes access to ‘the forum,’ a hub of resources. Participation in all 7 sessions is a requirement to receive a certificate of training completion. Prerequisites to this certification include reading Dr. Ogden’s Expanding The Practice of Sex Therapy and Exploring Desire Workbook for Professionals. You will also need to have access to clients and patients to invite into your 4-D Wheel.

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