floating-couple_colorizedI am an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist in Southern Colorado. In my work with individuals and couples, I customize my treatment plan to suit your needs.

Whether you come for brief sex education and counseling or for long-term in-depth intimacy issues, my approach is sex-positive. I often work in conjunction with other individual and couple therapists, physicians, and physical therapists who refer clients to me who seek a sex therapist while maintaining their ongoing treatment.

People often ask me how and why I became a Sex Therapist. I believe that my non-judgmental approach and ability to talk about sexuality honestly and openly led me to this specialty. I am one of those lucky people who has found the career that was meant for them. Most of all, I have deep admiration for my clients and I feel honored to have been a part of their growth and happiness.

I find the field of Sex Therapy to be vast and therefore endlessly fascinating. I’m constantly continuing my education and staying current. I have been taking workshops in Sex Therapy since 1993, and currently attend annual national conferences, workshops, and seminars to keep myself current in the field.

My Sex Therapy services cover a wide range, including:

Couples Sexual Issues

All couples are attracted to each other for many good reasons. All of those reasons are important to understand. Often we are not educated about how to be good romantic and intimate communicators. I can help couples to learn their love languages and iron out differences that naturally occur in any adult relationship. Along with our work together, I can offer many take-home exercises that further address each couple’s unique needs.

Women’s Sexual Issues

Women are complex and mysterious creatures that deserve intelligent, open, and honest help. Yet often we feel judged and confused about our place in the world, and about sexuality in our culture. I have worked with women that have been sexually abused and traumatized, have a high sex drive, who have chronic pain, who are unable to orgasm and who are multi-orgasmic, who want to save their marriages and who want to get out, and women who are ready to break into a new horizon. I can help you understand what is happening to you on a physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional level. I can help you with your anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, confusion, and grief. Together we can be a catalyst to move into your best self.

Men’s Sexual Issues

When a man cannot express himself and his love for his partner, it can become an overwhelming stress. It can be difficult to get accurate information over the internet about rapid ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, withholding ejaculation, or compulsive behaviors. I can give you straight answers to your important questions. In the first session I can help you determine if you are suffering from a physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological issue or a combination. Once we determine some of the causes, we can discuss the course of treatment. I use logical and scientific data to help you understand what is happening and to help you treat your physical and relationship issues.

Sex Coaching

How can we know about our sexuality, sensuality, and erotic nature if we were never taught? I am happy to answer any of your questions on a wide variety of sexuality issues. Sexuality is much more than physical, and I can intelligently answer questions about love languages, verbal and non-verbal communication, romance, toys, orgasm, tantra, connection, and how emotions, thoughts, beliefs, culture, spirituality, religion, family, chemistry and so much more inform who we are. Because I attend trainings and workshops year round, I am up-to-date on the latest and greatest products, research, books, and technology on relationships and sexuality.

Spirituality & Mindful Sexuality

It’s endlessly fascinating how our spirituality and religion inform our decisions about who we are. Often we change the way we understand ourselves in relation to our beliefs, and that can change our relationship with God, the divine, ourselves, and our loved ones.

When we have questions and existential dilemmas, it is good to talk it over with an objective and well-educated therapist. I am especially qualified to understand because, as well as my formal education as a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist, I have lived all over the world and studied many religions and cultural traditions. I work with couples and individuals from all religions and spiritual backgrounds.

Other issues I address include:

  • Infidelity
  • Polyamory/Open marriages/Swinging
  • Post-Cancer Sex
  • Fantasy
  • Loss of desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Rapid/Early ejaculation
  • Difficult arousal
  • Gap in Desire
  • Kink/BDSM
  • Vaginismus/dysperunia
  • Sexual aversion
  • Trauma
  • Performance anxiety
  • Sexual abuse
  • Infertility
  • Anorgasmia
  • Pain
  • Birth trauma
  • Body image
  • Safe Sex
  • Sexual compulsivity/addiction Out of Control Sexual Behavior
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